oh hey you 86 people that follow me still


~*~*~shameless self promotion~*~*~


if you want. just ask for it.

I have too many followers on this one and I feel bad because I don’t post… so you should unfollow this and if you want to see my ~quality~ blog, just ask

…i’ve gotten way more followers now that I’ve stopped posting on this blog… wtf

You have a new follower!

I haven’t gotten through everyone yet, but I’m slowly following those I want to continue following, plus the people who want to follow me.

If you got a new follower today… it might’ve been me! So there’s my new blog. Enjoy.


Hi everyone who follows me! I’m starting a new blog pretty soon… it’s going to basically be this blog…but evolved. So if you still want to follow me, please let me know. I’ll be messaging my friends on tumblr my new url if I know they probably want to follow, or if you gain another follower, it’s probably me. So feel free to follow that one if you wish.

I kinda just want to start new. I want a fresh start. I’m sick of being sad so I want to start a whole new blog where I can share real thoughts. I’m sick of having to hide what I want to actually say because there are people looking at this blog who I really don’t want in my life anymore and it would be great if they wouldn’t have access to my head.

This blog will still exist, because I really want to be able to look back and see the transformation I’ve made over this past year.

I want to be able to show the transformation here… but I feel like there are too many old posts that hold me back. And a lot of the followers are follow-backs and I really just want followers that want to see what I have to post.

Thank you for the follow and for providing me with stuff to post, and I hope to see you again on my new blog. 

I won’t be posting it here, for fear that those who should really just gtfo of this blog would find it. If you find my new blog and I didn’t want you to… You have no right to complain if I talk about you. I’m a journalist, god damnit.

thank you, patrick and cesar

for pointing out my mistakes in spelling, grammar and everything on this blog

god, I really need to step up my blogging skills

raghav & patrick have inspired me

to make this blog a better blog.

so get ready for some quality posts. less ranting, more appreciating/pondering/story telling.

go away if I told you not to look at my blog anymore.

Working the Event shift at work

  • Lady: Excuse me, when is the movie going to start?
  • Me: Sorry, we're waiting for the concession line to go away so we can start when everyone is in the theatre.
  • Lady: Well I think it's extremely rude for you guys to keep us waiting. It isn't courteous for you to make us sit there when we got there on time.
  • Me: Well, it's only one minute after the movie is scheduled to show, so if you wait five --
  • Lady: *evil glare*
  • Me: *evil glare back*
I miss you, Lucas.

I miss you, Lucas.

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If you still talk about it, you still care about it.

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